"Other schools in the area have used it and they all recommended it. It's very well organized and everyone in Burlington loves it!"
- Burlington Teen Tour Band, Ontario.

"Its a tradition within our school."
- Aden Bowman Collegiate, Saskatchewan.

"Don't change a thing, you have a great program! Keep on doing your tremendous work! I especially liked the Birthday Trivia. You can be sure to hear from us next year!"
- Polyvalente Thomas-Albert, New Brunswick.

"We love that you don't have to sort by grade and alphabetize them yourself."
- Boonville High, Missouri.

"We really liked using the FAX ordering system. It was simple and very fast!"
- Grant Collegiate, Newfoundland.

"Better deal for the money! We've done it several times and it is always successful."
- Colonel By Secondary, Ontario.

"Comparison over other computer dating services proved Matchmaker the best."
- Vegreville Composite, Alberta.

"Excellent Promotion Packages. Straightforward instructions. Very thorough and attractive. Thanks!"
- Sir Winston Churchill Secondary, Ontario.

"Matchmaker has a lot to offer (24 hour processing, choice of questionnaires, etc.) plus the list of names sent to us and the order of the forms was a great help."
- Lloydminister Comprehensive, Alberta.

"We liked the closed envelopes (Deluxe system) and having the worst match printed."
- Ascension Collegiate, Newfoundland.

"Better options, price; more professional appearance. Excellent and efficient phone staff."
- Sir Robert Borden High, Ontario.

"It was the easiest to organize and run."
- C. W. Jeffery's Secondary, Ontario.

"Matchmaker is an excellent deal. Best service of any company."
- J. S. Woodsworth Secondary, Ontario.

"The questions are more appropriate than other surveys."
- Stonewall Collegiate, Manitoba.

"You can't change perfection! Unbelievably fast service. We look forward to dealing with you every year."
- St. Joseph's High School, Ontario.

"The hardest part was choosing between the all great surveys! Everyone loved Matchmaker. Fantastic!"
- Labrador City Collegiate, Newfoundland.

"It was the least complicated and very economic. Phone staff was friendly, they made sure everything went well. Extremely fast. This system is very dependable."
- Pictou Academy, Nova Scotia.

"I was impressed with the speed of the delivery of the questionnaires and the results. Thanks!"
- Charlottetown Rural High, Prince Edward Island.

"Reliable, well put together system at a good price."
- Sheboygan County Christian High, Wisconsin.

"No exchange rates!"
- G. P. Vanier Secondary, British Columbia.

"Awesome fun! People were screaming!"
- White Oaks Secondary, Ontario.

"The price, profits, and clarity of the directions. The phone staff was extremely helpful and gave us good suggestions. Keep up the good work!"
- Central Memorial High, Alberta.

"Matchmaker is easy, fun, and has professional results."
- Garden Valley Collegiate, Manitoba.

"Matchmaker has proven to be very successful every year. The sample announcements are easy to use and the paperwork is straight forward."
- Trenton High School, New Brunswick.

"We appreciated how the service was so easy to use. All my instructions were explained clearly... it wasn't too much work at all! Thank you!"
- Runnymede Collegiate, Ontario.

"Matchmaker is an activity that has become a tradition through the years... people like it!"
- Cite-des-Jeunes A.-M.-Sormany, New Brunswick.

"Matchmaker is fun and straight forward, Birthday Trivia on the back and the biorhythm chart are interesting. Thank You!"
- Outlook High School, Saskatchewan.

"Matchmaker has more attractive result sheets, is a Canadian company, has more service selections, is the best value, has good speed of service, and does a good job. Thanks!!"
- Shelburne Regional High School, Nova Scotia.

"We chose Matchmaker because you offered the best options and we've been happy with your services in past years. Thanks, you are oh so very helpful."
- Smiths Falls Dist. Collegiate, Ontario.

"We found that through past experiences, that the appearance and questions of Matchmaker was better. We like it all - its very good. We wouldn't change anything. We really enjoyed running Matchmaker."
- St. Joseph's High School, Newfoundland.

"We used Matchmaker because it always works good, students love it, and it always makes money for us."
- Bridgetown Regional High, Nova Scotia.

"Matchmaker offered the highest quality questionnaires and we have always used Matchmaker in previous years."
- Charles P. Allen High School, Nova Scotia.

"Matchmaker rules! The kids ask for it, and it has an amazing rep. Thanks for stirring up our school spirit!"
- Grand Centre High School, Alberta.

"We chose Matchmaker because we could order over the internet, its located in Canada, orders are sent via Xpresspost, and it has convenient phone service. We enjoyed Birthday Trivia immensely. Thanks!"
- Pugwash District High School, Nova Scotia.

"Great job, keep up the good work!"
- Riverview High School, Nova Scotia.

"We used Matchmaker because we have used you in the past and you have a great reputation! It was great, as usual!! Everyone loved it..."
- Mount Pearl Senior High School, Newfoundland.

"We have had many years of success with Matchmaker."
- Gimli High School, Manitoba.

"It was fun and we made money too!"
- O'Grady Catholic High School, British Columbia.

"We liked the Birthday Trivia on the back and the way that matches were displayed. Thanks."
- Manitoulin Secondary School, Ontario.

"Matchmaker is recommended, kids like it."
- Kelly Road Secondary School, British Columbia.

"Matchmaker was simple and the most cost effective."
- Weyburn Comprehensive School, Saskatchewan.

"Matchmaker is a fun way to find out who you are a best match with. Everything was good..."
- R.C.S. Netherwood School, New Brunswick.

"Great activity! We'll do it again!"
- St. Michael High School, Ontario.

"We use Matchmaker because you match both people you like and people who would like you."
- A. N. Myer Secondary School, Ontario.

"Thanks again for offering this service. It was great! The kids had a blast - it was absolute craziness for a while, and I can see that it will be even bigger next year."
- Elgin Park Secondary, British Columbia.

"Very helpful phone support!"
- Sir Frederick Banting Secondary, Ontario.

"Thank you for quick results and helpful advice."
- St. Anne's High School, Ontario.

"Matchmaker has better, more realistic, questions, and is more accurate."
- Mount Boucherie Secondary School, British Columbia.

"Keep up the good work!"
- Hudson High School, Quebec.

"Matchmaker is an awaited tradition. Flashy & attractive printouts."
- Maple Creek Composite High, Saskatchewan.

"Thanks for the speediness!"
- Bishop Lloyd School, Alberta.

"We used you last year and you were great. Matchmaker is always accurate and fast - it has become a Valentine's tradition."
- Archbishop Jordan High School, Alberta.

"Thanx! Very good - it was fun."
- Harry Ainlay School, Alberta.

"We've used Matchmaker every year for a long time - it's easy and fun & our results always get sent back very fast."
- Killarney School, Manitoba.

"Lots of different choices. Good prices. Fast shipping. This was a very good matchmaker! The school liked it a lot!"
- Vanier Collegiate Institute, Saskatchewan.

"Easy to run and friendly staff. Very affordable."
- St. Theresas School, Ontario.

"We love the fact that the SAC does not have to do a ton of work in order to run the activity."
- Meadowvale Secondary School, Ontario.

"Matchmaker is known & trusted."
- 100 Mile House Jr. Secondary, British Columbia.

"Matchmaker is good, everything went well. I really enjoyed selling the printouts, they are fun."
- Big River High School, Saskatchewan.

"Matchmaker is a good fundraiser. Our student union recommends it."
- Baie Verte High School, Newfoundland.

"The people who answer the phones are great and your help was greatly appreciated."
- Sop's Arm Central High School, Newfoundland.

"Thanks for the good fundraising ideas!"
- Notre Dame De Lourdes College, Manitoba.

"Students enjoy doing this every year. Thank you!!"
- St. Mary's Secondary School, Ontario.

"Matchmaker is cheaper and easier - also better quality."
- Boissevain School, Manitoba.

"Matchmaker worked well last year - no risk factor."
- Hammarskjold High School, Ontario.

"I really enjoyed how step by step instructions were given, it made it sooooo easy to do! I also liked your website! It was very helpful!"
- Exeter High School, Ontario.

"I would just like to add that Brad was VERY helpful with any questions and problems we had. We also thank you for valuing another companies coupon. I know that in years to come we will definitely deal through your company."
- Leader Composite School, Saskatchewan.


And a special "Welcome Back" to some of our more adventurous customers...

Note: as a professional courtesy to our competitors we have withheld their company names - please call us for more details.

"We've run Matchmaker for the past 10 years. We decided to use {Company X} last year because we wanted to try something new. We will not use them again. Students were not satisfied with their results."
- Chelmsford Valley D.C. School, Ontario.

"We tried a {Company X} last year only because we wanted to try something new. We were not pleased with their service. They didn't do everything they promised. We will not use {Company X} again because they were unsatisfactory."
- Albert Campbell Collegiate, Ontario.

"We've run Matchmaker for the past 9 years. The students wanted to try a new company last year. The other company didn't respond to the students requests for information, etc. in time for February 14. They realized, too late, that it didn't meet their expectations. We were disappointed because we didn't follow through with the tradition at our school of Matchmaker's. We're sorry we didn't use you - you are reliable. We've learned.
- Bowmanville High School, Ontario.

"We have been very pleased with your company over the past 3 years. Our Students' Council decided to try a new company called {Company X} because they wanted something different. We were not pleased with their service and we will not be using {Company X} again!"
- Medicine Hat High School, Alberta.

"We have used Matchmaker for the past 6 years. For a change, we decided to use {Company X} last year. We were not pleased because their questions were not as good. Students thought they were silly. We will not be using {Company X} again."
- Camrose Composite High School, Alberta.

"We've used Matchmaker for the past 6 years. Last year, we thought we would try a new one. We used {Company X} and their service was unsatisfactory. We will not be using {Company X} again."
- Sexsmith Secondary School, Alberta.

"We've run Matchmaker for the past 7 years. Last year, students wanted a change and used a different matching company. Their format was unsatisfactory. We will not be doing that again!"
- L. P. Miller Comprehensive, Saskatchewan.

"We used {Company X} last year, but their printouts weren't as good. We will not be using {Company X} again."
- French River Dist. Secondary, Ontario.

"We used {Company X} last year, but were not pleased with their service because of shipping problems. We will not be using them again."
- Kennebacasis Valley High, New Brunswick.

"We used {Company X} last year, but the U.S. exchange killed our profit. We will not be using them again."
- Timmins High & Voc. School, Ontario.



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